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Welcome to Toga Photo! My name is Justin Joyner. I am a musician and photographer in upstate NY.
You may recognize me as a long-time fixture in the local music scene. I've been entertaining for the past 25 years, in and around Saratoga. My history as a musician is well-documented, but over the last several years I have rediscovered another art that I've had an absolute blast with: Photography.

As a young boy, I can recall playing with my dad's Nikon SLR film camera. I took great interest in the art of photography, and managed to get some great shots of our family cat. Over the years my interest in photography expanded into video, making fun home videos and always having a need to "capture" important family events. Ultimately I ended up attending RPI in Troy, NY, majoring in Electronic Arts, Media, and Communication. My concentration was in videography, with a minor in music.

When my post-college job prospects for video production in the local area looked grim, I began a very successful career in video game development as a full-time profession, all the while continuing my musical career on the side.

It was during this time that I rediscovered photography, spurred on by my desire to continue to capture and document family events and holidays. I became very passionate about the art, reading all the photography blogs I could find and watching countless tutorial videos. Living in downtown Saratoga Springs I took advantage of the natural settings in Congress Park where I could practice my craft, concentrating on the ducks in the ponds and the people and families that gathered there. Also, visiting the race track in the early mornings of August afforded me the opportunity to capture the thoroughbreds in photos during their workouts. I then hooked up with a local photography club to further my knowledge and skill in all forms of photography.

Along my photography journey, I've recognized that I most enjoy photographing people and animals. I love capturing emotion in my photos; be it joy, sadness, intrigue, curiosity, determination, anticipation, or accomplishment. I want the viewer to instantly feel that emotion when viewing that photograph.

With Toga Photo, my mission is to capture individuals and emotions for others, so that they can cherish those memories forever!

I am, and will always be, a student of photography. I do not claim to be the most amazing photographer in the world, but I do claim to have an intense passion for photography that continues to drive me and push me forward. I am always striving to learn more and apply what I learn to my style. I look forward to continuing to develop my art with you!